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Demo-litions - Autographed CD

Demo-litions - Autographed CD

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Demo-litions: Cast-off Recordings 1996–97 is a 2011 compilation album by the Crash Test Dummies. It consists of unreleased demos made during the songwriting process that eventually resulted in the album Give Yourself a Hand. 

CD is signed by the band.

Track Listing:

1. "My PussyCat and Me"
2. "Black Ice" 
3. "You Won't Run Out" 
4. "You See That House?" 
5. "Mercy Kill Me" 
6. "Digestive Process" 
7. "Much Better" 
8. "Hold It Like an Egg" 
9. "Satellites Pass Over" 
10. "It's Not That I Don't Feel Sorry" 
11. "It Might Be Rather Nice" 
12. "After My Dinner" 
13. "When the Old Man Comes"

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