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Songs of the Unforgiven - Autographed CD

Songs of the Unforgiven - Autographed CD

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Songs of the Unforgiven is the eighth studio album recorded by Crash Test Dummies, released in 2004.

CD is signed by the band.

Track Listing:

1. "Prelude" 
2. "Sonnet 1 (And When the Sun Goes Down)" 
3. "And So Will Always Be" 
4. "The Unforgiven Ones" 
5. "Interlude 1" 
6. "Come Down to the Sinkhole" 
7. "Is the Spell Really Broken?" 
8. "Everlasting Peace" 
9. "Sonnet 2 (And Back in Ages Past)" 
10. "The Beginning of the End" 
11. "Interlude 2" 
12. "You've Had Your Run" 
13. "There Is No Final Winner" 
14. "You've Done It Once Again" 
15. "Sonnet 3 (The Cold Is Here)" 
16. "The Wicked and the Evil" 
17. "Postlude" 

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